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Hello everyone I am her with my other block on how to overcome writers block. This is my personal opinion and my personal experiences how and what exactly I do when I’m stuck.

So what exactly is writers block?

According to me it’s where you run out of creativity and get stuck in your novel or stop writing it.

Why does it happen?

Mostly it varies from person to person, some having family stress and problems, illness, workload, depression, financial instability, lacking creativity and so on.

Mostly I face writers block because of depression and illness..

So what I do to overcome it?

I read lot of books, I’m not so rich but I try to read the Kindle edition of the same genres and sometimes different ones. I watch video of other authors like Bethany, Vivien, Jenna Moreci, Abbie Emmons, Alexa and Julian, I binge watch Thier videos, take tons of notes and I make a point I re-watch it again and again till it hits my head hard. I go to pinterest and get ideas for wordbuilding too. I am an hard core otaku which means anime lover and I draw inspiration from them too and I use a lot of creativity from my head even tough it’s not perfectly original I mix it with other stuff and outline my novel.

I love writing for children and middle grade fantasy novel which suits my taste.

I have recently read lot of books.

-Journey to the center of the Earth

-Treasure island.

-Narnia series

Anything which intersts me I immediately take a peace of paper and scribble it down.

I know many know me as lazy and good for nothing who does nothing and all but untill and unless you witness me it’s not true. Writing a book is not easy. It takes years. We have to revise revise revise edit. I challenge you all who point at me telling it’s not a big deal, write a book of 50k word count and perfect it and show me. Those who told me that I bet you have failed in your exams struggling to write on a sheet answering it correctly and you dare make fun of others.

So to conclude writing anything is not a peace of cake, it takes lot of hardwork in it, do something creative and go outside and get inspiration to overcome writers block.

That’s all for today, see you soon.

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