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Research shows, when kids are exposed to gadgets at early age are prone to many mental and physical problems. As a country advances, the more gadgets gets invented. Kids use various gadgets like xbox, mobile phones, TV, Video games, iphones for various reasons such as playing games, listening to music, chatting, watching movie, surfing the internet etc. The more time they spent in front of screen, the more they are effected. Health problems like headache, posture problem, week eyesight, mytopia increases.

In the current situation, if i talk about in the time of covid 19, where most of the schools are shut and classes are held online, children spend more time in front of screen irrespective of weather they pay attention of class or not, problems such as children complaining of Migrane pain and head ache and low sight has come to light. Children often have water flowing from thier eyes and most of them wearing reading glasses at early age are seen.

Firstly, let me explain the pros and cons of it.

There are advantages and disadvantage of children getting exposed to gadgets at an early year. Some of them are as follows :


1) SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DELAY : Speech refers to verbal or non verbal communication and language is the whole process. The more children interact with others, the more they develop. But it’s not true while they sit in front of gadgets, a child with language delay finds difficult in connecting and pronouncing more than two words at a time and incase of speech delay, the kid might be able to express words but finds difficulty in understanding more phrases.

The only way to curb this issue is to let them to interact with other kids. The more time they spent on screen, the more difficulty they face.

2) ATTENTION DEFICIT : ADHD: Rather called Hyperactivity disorder. It is a mental disorder where kids with ADHD face problems in thier behaviour and paying attention. They display inappropriate behaviour such as restlessness, unable to focus, gets easily distracted etc. This may take place in either in school or at home.

3) LEARNING PROBLEMS : When children learn lot of things at younger age, learning takes faster.They should communicate with thier parents instead of gadgets. The more they communicate, the lesser they face problems. Many kids learn topics which are not appropriate to thier age, parents must see and monitor, if it’s appropriate or not.

4) ANXIETY: As I mentioned above, when kids learn inappropriate topics which are not appropriate for thier age such as current events, the more anxiety they face when they are exposed to future events. They face problems thinking more and more about the future, which results in physics symptoms. Gadgets doesn’t help to curb this issue whereas patents can. The more they interact with them, the lesser anxiety they face. Anxiety also cause mental and behavioral problems. Kids feel shy or tense when they are exposed to people and face safer in front of gadgets.

5) DEPRESSION: This is common and severe issue which causes behavioural and mental problems. The more the number of gadgets are introduced, the more behavioural and health problems they face, which effects the adolescence of the kids too.

6) NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CHARACTER : The more inappropriate content they watch in internet which are not appropriate to thier age, the more it effects thier character.

Technology also has certain advantages to kids such as,

1) IMPROVED COGNITIVE SKILLS: It is where, when children are exposed to puzzles, listening songs, drawing etc from the gadgets, the more it will sharpen thier memory and language skills. The more they use it leads in faster growth of cognitive function in kids.

2) BETTER MOTOR SKILLS: When kids hear music from the gadgets and learn to dance, it gives growth in muscles and improve thier motor skills. It can be explained in the same manner while exercising too. Another example is when they type in keypads or when they play video games, it improves thier smaller muscles like tongue, fingers,lips etc.

3)MORE FUN FOR KIDS: Kids love solving puzzles on gadgets and it also helps them to understand cause and effect process.

4) EDUCATING YOUNG ONES: Gadgets helps young ones to educate them from internet and many websites. When they are exposed to many topics it sharpens thier brain and educated. There are many visual presentation, educational videos, audiobooks which helps them to learn.

5) COMPETITION SKILLS: While playing video games, kids learn to survive in a competitive environment.

Parents should set up a certain screening time for kids and allow them to interact and play games outside to protect the kids from the issues faced by gadgets.

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