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Hello everyone, Jyothsna here. I am here to discuss a new topic today. It’s all about how parents and teachers can foster the reading habbit in children.

As we all know, world had undergone pandemic crisis and as a result schools were shut. Still till today, PRE SCHOOLS are shut in India, because children are prone to virus and it’s fatal to them.

So these are the steps what parents and teachers can do to develop the reading skills.

1) TEACHING TO READ : Some don’t agree with this, but this not true. When kids are exposed to literacy in younger age it develops thier cognitive function. Parents should start to read to kids at younger age. One best example I can give in INDIAN context in the time of MAHABHARATA, ABHIMANYU LEARNED THE ART OF WARFARE WHEN HE WAS IN HIS MOTHER’S WOMB. After his dad used to come from war, he used to narate to his wife, and Abimanyu used to listen to him from her womb.

2) TEACHING TO READ IS NOT DIFFICULT: When parents can teach kids and train them with thier potty, not to dig nose, good habits. It’s not as difficult it sounds to teach kids about literarcy. Everything should be done in a positive manner but not by yelling and punishing.

3)TALK TO THEM A LOT : Parents should talk to kids when they are born, it may sound nuts buts it’s true even if they cant interact and response, they still listen and enjoy.

4) READ TO THEM: Reading to them improves thier language skills and mental skills. If parents can’t read they can use audiobooks too. They can visit thier local library and dig out books which is age appropriate. Reading a book or story advances thier literacy skills.

5)HAVE THEM TELL A STORY: Let them create a small story and tell out to thier parents. It can be of thier siblings or pets or anything. It helps them in literarcy skills, by this they are exposed to new words and advances thier reading skills.

6)TEACH PHONEMIC AWARENESS : Parents and teachers should train the kids about the pronounciation of words. For example dog : “duh”-“aw”-“guh”. Let them play games with it and make them hear the words correctly.

7)TEACH PHONETIC: We can’t sount out words or write them without knowing them. Most of the kindergartens teach kids about phonetic, parents can also do the same. Visit your local library or bookshop and dig out books which are familiar to the topic and read it out and let them read it.

8) LISTEN TO THEM: Schools should allow kids to borrow books to home and read it. They should read in school and also parents should allow thier kids to read, even if it sonds choppy reading or read with mistakes, let them reread, this is how they inculcate the habbit of reading.

9) MAKE THEM WRITE: Schools and patents should allow kids to write. Surround them with creative stuff like books, colours, magazine, crayons etc. Encourage them to write short letters or note to you. It really helps.

10)ASK QUESTIONS : When they read a story book, ask them to retell it to you, ask them information about the story or certain word, ask them questions related to the story. Reading doesn’t only help in sounding words but also it sharpens the memory.

11)MAKE IT A REGULAR ACTIVITY : Parents and teachers should tell stories and read out to them daily. One of the best example is parents telling out stories during thier bedtime. Both, teachers and parents should make kids to read stories with the help of picture books or chapter books which is age appropriate. Like this advances thier reading and listening skills and also increase thier over growth.

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