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I recently encountered few author in the group in which I am in proclaiming to be black author and dark author. Believe me there is no such things called an black author or dark author. An author is an author that’s it. Stop labelling yourself as black author because you are branding yourself as black and trust me unless you stop labelling or considering yourself like that others won’t. I don’t really care on who opposes my view on what I’m trying to say, stop labelling yourself as a racist or black. Readers only care on how good your book is, your colour don’t interest them so instead of labelling yourself as black and white, write a good story about it in the book and publish it. As Long you consider yourself as an author it has no color. An author is an author, simple as that. Our world is hugely divided with all such things and it’s all man made and not god created, we get that colour as on where we live due to various factors like geographical, social backgrounds and we are branded by man not god. The only way to stop considering yourself white and black is by you yourself. If you stop it others will too. An author is an author irrespective of where you live. Everything depends on your writing not your colour.

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