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Hello everyone,

JYOTHSNA here,with a new topic.

Today I am going burst some myths of publishing. Well, you all might be heard a lot of things on self publishing and marketing your book. Which some and true ond some are not.

I am going to expose some of it which I know.


* Its easy to self publish by doing everything by ourselves, from editing to formatting and publishing. This is not true unless you are an expert in it, there are people who knows to do all this and are professional, consult them and see the magic.

*You can survive without social media and market your book to millions, this is absolutely rubbish. Unless you are some well known person or author and have a huge fan fase, you can’t survive without social media. I personally have benefitted with the help of social medias such as Instagram, Facebook etc and it has helped me tremendously.

*Draw your own cover pic and make it as your cover pic. This is not true. Digital art is more remarkable then hand drawing and there are experts in this field who can lend you thier advice and help you.

*Unless you have huge amount of money, you can’t reach your books to people. False again. I do agree marketting needs money but not a huge amount. You can start from small by selling your books in schools and libraries, then in the bookshops (start from small stalls). You can go to tradeshows and book fairs, interact with people and sell your book, like this you can reach to millions. You can run ads on Amazon and Facebook,post your link in groups,do giveaway,get reviews,and then think to spread to wider target.

*You can sell your books to family and friends then your targets. I did just the opposite I sold it for my target first and then family and friends. Yes it was a success. I personally don’t like to sell it to my family and get thier reviews. They all know me, I want those who don’t know me to appreciate what I did and i love to get recognised.

*Introverts can’t sell books. This is not true because I myself a introvert, I have learned to interact with people and sell my books and it worked well for me.

*Self publishing companies are scam. I don’t completely agree with this, there are some companies who are professional in thier work and don’t prey on others money. I know this because my first book got published by a self publishing company and I loved it. Just because of one black spot you can’t point to those who are good.

*Just publish a book and leave it. Don’t agree with this. We need to interact with people and market the sales and push it up to grow. If not, your work wont get recognised.

*Reviews don’t matter, not true. Without reviews you work wont get noticed and you can’t grow as an author.The thing, you should not do is, do pay others to get reviews and ask your family members to review. Its best or the feeling you get when others recognise you and appreciate you is invaluable.


Publishing is like a huge ocean, we learn a lot from it and don’t ever give up. Its a learning process.Try to interact with people and be active online and offline. Find a way for people to recognise you. Don’t ever compare yourself to others. This is the best advice I have heard in podcasts from other authors. This is true. You are you, they are they. Everyone is unique in themselves, we can’t copy others. Find out your own style and bring it out and shine.

You can survive without your family and friends too .

Join social groups, talk to them, hear thier views and implement it.

Be active, do something creative. Think outside the book.

Don’t give up on writing even if you get writers block.


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