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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

When I started to write I was so naive. I didn’t even know what to write how write. I only thought only brilliant people with extraordinary talent can write books and not all will publish. I didn’t even know types of publishing and not even heard of term called self publishing or vanity publications. I thought as always only rich people will do such things. I heard my friend telling me about his writing journey and I was quite surprised. When I heard I was like shocked. My mom always told me or insisted me to write books but I was lazy and didn’t even know or have a reason to write but now I love writing and I always insist my friends to write. Who knows one day they might get famous. It’s a waste to keep your talent hidden so UNLEASH IT.

After I got to know from my friend about story writing and publishing, I kept on researching a lot about character and plot development, how to Start and end a story and many. I found many things.

I’ll be sharing some pics which I downloaded from.

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