author Jyothsna


Firstly I would like to say I love kids and adore them a lot. I have noticed wherever I go kids get attracted and attached to me, I really don’t know what the reason is, I think as people nearby and those who know me personally always mentioned that I’m a kid in a grown up body and my mind and heart is same as kids. As the saying goes “Birds of same feather flock together”. This is the main reason which I sometimes agree and noticed whenever kids were around me. Due to this i gave up working in hotels and began studying EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND MONTESSORI TRAINING, and along with that I persued my an another course in the same field PG DIPLOMA IN LEARNING DISABILITIES AND EARLY INTERVENTION STRATEGIES, in this course I studied how to teach GIFTED CHILDREN OR SPECIAL CHILDREN. As I finished my training I began searching for preschool to teach children. Finally I got selected in a preschool nearby and started teaching kids. Here also I noticed kids rushed towards me and surrounded me. They loved being around me, which I loved. I always consider KIDS ARE GIFT OF GOD. I loved to teach them and interact them. I thought for a year in the same pre school. Second i always adored the same way my mom, who also worked as a teacher. I noticed kids used to crowd near her and request her to narrate stories wherever she went. When we visited our village, children nearby sat near my mom and used to hear her stories, this went on for years. Not only in my village, even the children in our neighbourhood used to request to narrate stories for them at night. This inspired me to work in a preschool and write a book for children, which i always dreamt of. My mom always used to recite stories to me at bedtime and now also. Most of the stories are of her own, which i loved. She always insisted me to write books and still encourages me to author more books. Authoring a book is my dream come true and it has changed my life and helped me to come out of my cocoon. After a year working in preschool, the world was hit by a deadly virus as you all know called COVID-19. Due to this, India was on lockdown and education sector was badly hit by economic shutdown. Most of schools are still shut till date, as the world has not recovered from it. As kids of younger age are prone to the virus, the preschools have completely closed down till date. This made me open a YouTube channel for them where I can entertain them in a creative way and they also can benefit from it. I will start posting videos from this month. I hope they will love it. I began to write stories in my young age, at the time when I was kid and began learning to write by picking up a pencil. I used to narrate stories in my school and college, those around me always insisted me to narrate more of it. This as a factor, motivated me to author my book further. In the year 2019, at the time when the world was in complete lockdown, I thought to myself how to make my free time productive and not to waste time. It was then authoring my own book flashed my mind. I began searching a lot about outlining stories and the process of publishing and started putting my ideas into a empty page and flushing everything what I knew about the story. I began my first draft in 2019 and ended it on 2021 after editing it a lot. Finally it got published by BLUEHILL PUBLICATIONS in October.