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Hello friends, I am here with a new blog topic for this week.

I just love reading children’s book and exploring topics and enhancing my creativity. While I was on my journey of reading, I was delighted to come across multinational or cultural book written by extremely talented authors with thier lovely illustrations. Each book has its own unique topic of narration of the story. The beautiful illustrations a

re feast to the young eyes. Ofcourse there are many more books which i have not mentioned, I will note it in my next blog. So notably here are few which i would like to mention.


Written in its most simplistic form, here is a book that is perfect for your toddler and elderly loved one! Yes, you read correctly, “once a man twice a child” is how the saying goes. When this book was created, it had not one, but two audiences in mind. Toddlers, of course, followed by mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s around the world. Those especially suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Children learn by repetition and are great at committing many things to memory through picture books and simple wording. Picture books are also a wonderful way of allowing those coping with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to access hidden memories deep within their minds. It encourage you to read this book to your toddler but more importantly, read it to anyone who is suffering from memory loss. Let’s play our part in educating the little ones, but let us not forget our elders. Return to them that familiarity and comfort, as they somehow find themselves drifting into another world..

B) TEN HEROES by Chanel Enjoem.

Demons trying to conquer the world are destroying the balance on Earth. Sri Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the universe. He therefore comes in different guises according to the need at the time. Ten heroes, ten different guises of Vishnu, restore balance and peace to our magnificent Earth. These stories are originally from the Vedas, the oldest texts of Vedic culture. Would you like to see how Sri Vishnu comes to restore balance on earth?

This book has beautifully and bright illustration along with the depiction of 10 incarnation of lord Vishnu. The author brilliantly explains each incarnation in a simple understandable manner for kids.

It’s a must read book who want to explore different cultures and religions across the world and in search of change. The author has also translated this book in different languages.

C) JANMA LILA by Madhu Devi

The enchanting Waldorf-style children’s book Janma Lila tells the charming story of Krishna’s birth in Gokula, India. The villagers have everything they could ever want, all the riches from their land, cows, and gems. Years pass and the villagers still long for their king, Nanda Maharaj, and his wife Yashoda to have a child. The king and queen still have faith that they will have a child, the blue lotus-eyed boy they see in their hearts. Everything changes when Narayan comes to them in a dream.

This is a must read book for kids and adults too who wants to explore different cultures and traditions.

D) SHE IS MY MOM by Jyothsna

This is a chapter book written by me.

The story is a narration of,

A cute little girl named Misty, while playing in the forest, goes deep into the woods and finds out an old building. Curiosity takes her inside and she gets to know that she is the chosen one.

The story narrates the beautiful relationship with Misty and MOTHER GODDESS. With her assurance and blessings, Misty fights her fears and odds and saves her animal forest in the forest, which completely changes her life and her view on what a Goddess is.

SHE IS MY MOM teaches kids to have confidence in them and to realize thier true worth. This book encourages children to seek emotional healing through the guidance of Mother Goddess to face their fears and everyday situations.