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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

What is life? What is it’s purpose? Why are we on earth? Is there any motive or agenda to it? Should we fulfill anything?

These are the questions we hear when we ask ourselves what is life? No one literally no one can tell or answer these questions because everyone has Thier own stories. Even wondered why people take a wrong turn in thier life and choose illegal things? It’s all because there is no one to understand them no one to care and console them. Thier families and social backgrounds are one of the reason and economic or financial condition is other. You have heard right, money is the main reason.

I will tell u a story of a girl.

There was a girl brought up in an average family, her parents loved and provided good education to her. As days passed she grew up and got good job but soon she lost her job too because of jealousy of management. Even after trying job many times she got rejected. Her parents hated her and threw her out of the home. With no hope depression slowly controlled her. Roaming in open streets and hunger for money, she joined the local boys and helped them in Thier illegal activities. Soon this news spread like wild fire and her parents got to know, worrying about Thier reputation in society, they forcefully threw her to asylum. She escaped from there and got lost and was abducted and sent to prostitution. She was unfit to face anyone and one final day she lost her life.

This would never happened if there were someone to guide her and care for her.

Money would be nothing. She would have chosen the right path.

In our society how many people face such things? Have anyone wondered?

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