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Hey friends, JYOTHSNA here. I am here with a new topic. I recently stumbled on a post about how to explain the Ukrainian crisis to kids, as they are full of curiosity and anxiety, I will be pasting the post here and the link too. So all the credits goes to the owner of the post who had posted in one of the Children’s book illustration group.

So here it goes.

Not mine, I stole this from another childminder: Explanation of what is going on in Ukraine 🇺🇦 in simple playground talk. No offence or bias is intended. Great explanation for kids (and adults!) who are anxious about everything going on 🇺🇦 After the last BIG playground fight (WW2), lots of popular kids (WORLD LEADERS) got together and made a big gang (NATO), and all the kids in the gang made a pinky promise (TREATY) to be nice and respectful and not fight each other anymore. This means not going into each other’s part of the playground (COUNTRY) without permission, and not throwing sticks or stones (HEAVY ARTILLERY) at each other, and the UK is part of the gang. But then a new kid (UKRAINE) joined the playground, and a big bad bully (RUSSIA) started picking on the new kid, all because he is greedy and bossy and wanted the new kids playground space for himself, even though he has one of the biggest spaces in the playground. But sadly, the new kid is not part of the gang because the big bad bully didn’t want the new kid to join the gang. We would be breaking our pinky promise if any of the gang members help the new kid fight the bully. We have all told the bully off, and stuck up for the new kid by hiding the bully’s pocket money until the bully stops hurting the new kid (SANCTIONS) and this will hopefully stop the bully from buying more sticks and stones. We have also given the new kid lots of our own sticks and stones to fight the bully, because this is not breaking the pinky promise! Even though it is really, really sad, all we can do now is stand on the edge of the playground and watch and give moral support to the new kid, because we are not allowed to fight the bully for them, not without breaking the pinky promise. BUT… if the bully breaks the pinky promise and comes into our part of the playground (UK) without permission and throws a stick or stone at us, then the whole of the gang (NATO) will come and help us, and we will ALL jump on top of the bully (RUSSIA) and beat him up. 🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺

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