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Sorry I wasn’t able to write for few weeks. I was busy drafting my two books. I was kind of busy. Couldn’t think anything to write. I am currently busy with my two books and I’m excited and happy to announce I’ll be publishing my children’s book this later, I am not going to reveal its theme or name, it’s a secret. I am really excited because I love writing stories for children and love to see a smile on thier face, while reading my book. I am cought up in promoting my first book too by getting reviews, looking for new ideas to promote coz its sales are going low. SO STAY TUNED FOR MY SECOND BOOK WHICH WILL GET PUBLISHED THIS YEAR. YAAAY AND I HAVE LOT OF IDEAS I CAN’T WAIT TO PUT IT IN PAPER. I HAVE DRAFTED ONE MIDDLE GRADE FANTASY FICTION TOO. SO MUCH THINGS IN HAND.

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