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Bad fate of our country is when a girl is raped some pin point on dress of a girl and questions her morale.

Our country where females are worshipped,in the same country females are raped and there are some retards bastards glorifying the rape incident by commenting she deserves it, she is a disgrace to female clan, it’s all her fault, who said to roam around blah blah.

I have even lost my words to defend her such cheap mentality of some Indian men.What would have happened if same thing happened to Thier beloved.

When I asked them in comment they targeted me and said maybe you are like her. Such cheap mentality of men here while most of the defenders were ladies and some men defending the rape victim.

Why but but idiotic people can’t understand if someone is raped it’s not the dress which is questioned here, it’s the cheap mentality of men I mean Thier dirty minds.

People comment telling dating sites should be banned and all. The point is not the site’s it’s the mindset. If Thier own parents give right upbringing to Thier children there would not be such issues. I have read in newspapers old ladies who cover Thier self fully in sarees irrespective of Thier age are raped not even that if a small kids are raped here. What do people say for this. Instead of showing empathy people glorify such events I feel ashamed of staying in a place where such people are. The reason why she didn’t give complaint was to escape the torture of being asked again and again and also media targeting her incident. Still police officers were successful in catching all the culprits still some retards blame our government. The post posted on a media website said only this that she didn’t give complaint and people of cheap mentality where they came I don’t know began to glorify the rape and defend the victims. No one I repeat no one questioned the culprits. This is the dirty reality. A country where females once upon a time was worshipped.

This is a post on recent gangrape where 6 bloody raskals raped a girl continuously and targeted and trashed her friend badly, they even asked money from Thier parents, 3 lakhs and when they refused, they tortured him badly and gangraped the poor girl.The boys who raped her were from Tamil Nadu who are daily wagers, the place were filled with condoms and liquor bottles.

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