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How many of you have heard, either by our parents quoting or warning us TO BE PATIENT. Well I don’t know by others, but definitely my mom repeats it more frequently to have patience and not to do things in bizarre manner. I often face problems controlling my temper which leads in loss of patience. As a result, i face many health issues like heart pain, migraines, raise in heart beat to name a few. It is more difficult to organise ourselves when we are loose our cool. We after want what we saw or liked, this is where our parents repeat the word HAVE PATIENCE. My mom who is a teacher too, have a lot of patience compared to my dad and bro who are the extreme opposite, i mean hot heads.

Patience is ond of the qualities, a must have for teachers and mothers. I often wondered how on earth, parents who have more than 2 kids in home control them. I have seen in our neighborhood, mother’s yelling at their kids, punishing them, beating them. This happens when mother’s loose patience, this is NOT GOOD. Mother’s should try to control thier temper and have lots of patience while raising their kids, otherwise kids do exactly the same while they are the same age of thier parents. Parents are the role models for kids. So they should be extremely careful on what they do or how they behave. When it comes to teachers, it’s not easy to control a huge class of 30 kids in a room. Each kid have different behaviour and attitude. They are always running around and hard to control. This is because they are hyper active at their age and they need to utilise the energy which is collected in thier body. Teachers should be skilled and experienced in handling young kids. I have observed this and faced this while working in preschool. In India there is a saying, the fruit of patience is sweet as sugar. This means what we get soon gets destroyed and after waiting a lot, the things we get is most valuable and gives us joy.

To practice patience as an adult, here are a few steps noted below.

1) When you loose patience, take a deep breath and count backword for 100 to 0.

2) Practice meditation. Do yoga everyday.

3) Listen to your parents or friends, when they warn you that you are loosing control.

4) Take a break. Don’t stress out.

5) For kids, be a role model to them.

6) Read books and narrate stories for kids.

7) As a parent always remind your kids they can have things later and can wait. You can gift it later as a reward or as a Christmas gift or for a birthday.

8) Acknowledge them and tell them they have done a good job and reward thier efforts.

9) If you are a teacher. Drink little sips of water and cool yourself. Alot the kids in groups and keep them busy by leaving them to play a fun indoor games and puzzles. Play rhymes and music.

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