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Long ago, there lived a boy named Krisna. He lived with his uncles, aunts and cousins. While everyone was healthy, Krisna was very weak due to negligence of nourishment.One sunny day, while playing his flute which he used to play with his cattle. He fell asleep next to the mango tree, where monkeys used to eat mangoes. Their eyes fall on the flute. One monkey slowly climbs down from the tree and steals the flute. After some time, while his eyes open, he notices his flute missing and starts panicking and prays to God to help him.”Hey, Can you pick me! I’m here,” a voice from deep under the tree hollow calls him and requests him to pick it up. Krisna looks in all directions and at last he notices a white horn inside an empty hollow wood. As he picks it up, his body starts vibrating to the power of the mysterious horn.He grabs it tightly and kisses it and shiny pearls pour down to the earth as he kisses it. One kiss 10 pearls and 10 got 100, and the pearls started pouring down as he went on kissing it.He grabs all of it and moves to his home with the cattle. He goes to his mom and narrates the whole story. His jealous elder brother, filled with jealousy, quarrels and tries to snatch the horn.To stop this, his mom suggests he go to the nearby forest and stay with his grandmother for some days.On the way, he rests near a vast Banyan tree. He hears two birds telling, “Little boy! Little boy! Don’t go. It’s not safe”. He moves forward thinking while he has the horn, no one can harm him.Few miles away, in the corner of the forest, an old man with a broken leg stops him and questions him about what he is hiding in his pocket. He cunningly tricks him to rest in his Hut and signals the burglars to catch Krisna and steal his magical horn.As the burglars move closer, the horn grows bigger and bigger and attacks the burglars and throws them out of the hut.Few hours later, he moves to his grandmother’s house and helps the poor villagers while staying there. The villagers get lazy and greedy and try to steal the horn.He thinks to himself. “It’s enough helping them. They have to work on their own now and I’m not helping them anymore”He decides to leave the village and return to his home. On the way back, he misses his way and moves towards a strange forest filled with mysterious plants and trees. He hears a strange voice from beneath. He bends down and falls deep down a mysterious magical world. The sea creatures ask who he is. Krisna tells that while searching for an unknown tone deep down. Thud! he falls down. The snakes tell him it was them calling for help.He becomes friends with them and stays with them for some days. He studies the mysterious world and gains knowledge about it. One day, a giant lobster questions him as to why he is in their place and he is not allowed. The sea creatures interrupt and tell everything. Later they built a magical rocket and pushes it up. He lands on a lifeless place where everything is as rock. His horn unknowingly, touches a plant and it gets life. Likewise everything comes back to life due to the power of the horn.A speaking flower asks him to help her. He passes near to it and kisses it. The flower turns out to be a beautiful princess. He asks her what the reason was? She narrates that a giant monster cursed and turned them as rocks and the only way of defeating it is to hit its only eye. Krisna moves towards the giant and tricks it to pick him, while it attacks him, he jumps on its head and pierces its eye. With a thud, the giant lands on the ground. They then move to a rocky hill where his heart was kept safe inside an owl. He catches the owl and frees it. Far away the giant dies and disappears.As days go by, Krisna and princess Vatsala grew closer and gets married. He helps everyone in need and becomes an efficient and well known king all over the world.


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