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Updated: Mar 21

As a children’s book author, what i love is to discover more books from others who have also similar taste as me. I love to fill my eyes with thier beautiful illustrations and thier creativity. As it also enhances my thought process and creativity. I can understand what I am lacking and develop my skills to become a better author. This is when, I started reviewing children books of various authors, who i know.

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Extra special heart is a book written and illustrated by Carli Valentine. It narrates a story of a boy, who has CHD and who loves to enjoy his life to his fullness with a beautiful big heart. The book has simple ways to make children and adults understand about this heart defect and to appreciate people, especially children with this defect, instead of leaving them alone. What I love is, it has cute Illustrations and the story is very much appealing. A must buy book for those who have kids with CHD.

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MAYA’S BIG FEELINGS is a beautiful boy which is written by Boyana Atwood and illustrated by Anastasiya Provozina.

This book is so cute. Author has narrated the story is such an amazing way through rhymes and colourful cute Illustrations, expressing each emotions of child in joyful and fun way, so that it’s easy for kids to understand and read. I really loved it. It also helps parents to understand thier kids in a better way.

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This is beautiful illustrated book written by Jacqueline Theodosi and illustrated by Abbie Barbara. This book highly informative and educational. It has lovely illustrations with dinosour facts along with comparisons, which makes kids to easy to understand which is written in the book. A must boy for kids who love dinosours.

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Frog and His Pearl: A Christian Children’s Book About Frog’s Adventurous Journey and about Your Value in Jesus’ Eyes written by Boyana Atwood and Shawn Atwood. This book has eye catching cute Illustrations and also is a fun, engaging and encouraging story that helps children to understand how precious they are to Jesus. The author has narrated in an beautiful way that every child is valuable to God and he always loves us. A highly recommended book for kids.
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ME AND MY KAZOO AT THE ZOO written by Jonathan Marshall and illustrated by Derry Maulana.This is an adorable book that really allowed the reader to have fun and use their imagination!. It also filled with creativeness of animals playing musical instruments with cute and appealing illustrations. It also pushes kids to think outside the box and to be creative. A must buy book for all.

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The Adventures of Little Nenia – Easter traditions with Nenia: A sweet story about Easter for kids ages 4 – 8

This is a beautiful book written by Maria Piórkawska Urbaniak.

I personally learnt many things from this book about Palm Sunday and Easter. The author has narrated the information in this book in a simple, understandable manner trough beautiful illustrations and also explained very well the Easter traditions from different parts of the world. A must buy book for kids. Highly recommended for kids who have lots of unanswered questions buzzing in thier mind.

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ITSY BITSY BEA AND HER BONNE FEE is a cute story written by Alisha drew, this is cute book with beautiful illustrations where author narrates the story of a bee, who wished to be big and her wish gets granted. A must have book for all.

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BIG PLANS FOR TOMORROW is another must have book written by author Carli Valentine.

This is really a good bedtime read where the little boy is excited about what he will do tomorrow – going to zoo, ice cream shop, space travel, going to deep ocean, etc. This will definitely help kids to imagine and look for a fun- filled better tomorrow. And yes help them in sleep too. A must buy book for kids.

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TEN HEROES written and illustrated by Chanel Enjoem. The author has beautifully narrated and depicted the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This is one book, which you must not miss for those who loves to learn and discover about other religions.

This is a beautifully rich book with stunning illustrations that beautifully weaves ancient storytelling with calls for action for today’s world. As an Indian who grew up India, it is such a refreshing way to learn about my heritage culture and pass on the important messages to our children. The questions at the end of each chapter promote thought provoking self reflection. Highly recommend!

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