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On a cold winter day, an old man with his grand daughter traveled to a far away place to sell cabbages and watermelon.
He moved by ticking his stick on the rock ground observing if there were any customers. His granddaughter pointed her hand towards a gigantic tree with lush green grass. The birds chirped as he moved next to the tree and placed his basket on the rocky ground.
A parrot said to the other peeping down,”Don’t come here grandpa. It’s not a safe place”.
The other parrot repeated the same words.
When the old man opened his eyes, his heart jumped a beat. His granddaughter Dolly had disappeared.
“I told you. I told you,” chirped the birds. He stood up holding his stick calling his granddaughter Dolly.
He called out,”Dooollllyyyy whheeeree aaree youuuu. Cooome baack.”
He moved near the tree and closed his eyes and wept. By then a sparrow whispered,”It’s the giant. Go get him,” other bird said,”Not good. Don’t go, he is dangerous.”
He leaned to the tree and repeated DOLLY again and again.
THUD! A thin stick fell on his lap. The old man jumped and yelled,”Who are you? What are you doing?”
The stick stood up and said,” I’m a magical stick, can’t you see,”. The old man distanced from the stick and yelled,”A talking stick. You can talk like us,” the stick nodded its head and pointed its stick finger directed to a huge rock to the east and said,”You will get your granddaughter there but it’s not so easy. A huge giant lives there. I can only help you but I can’t go there.”
On the next day the old man took the stick to his hut. The stick filled his hut with pulses and grain and money. The more he asked the more it gave.
When the old man returned to his hut the next day, a weeping noise echoed in his ears. He leaped towards the stick and noticed tears on it.
“What’s wrong little stick,” the old man asked the stick to which it replied,” You are misusing me. You should share the grains to other villagers and you have forgotten about Dolly,” it whispered.
The old man nodded his head and filled the village with pulses and rice and gold. The village flourished overnight.
On the next day, a man grabbed the stick and got all his wishes granted and threw the stick thinking it’s of no use.
The stick flew across mountains and rivers and landed straight on a green land. The old man moved towards every direction calling for the stick and his Dolly. He moved and moved until his legs gave up and placed his stick on the ground and leaned towards the same tree.
The birds who fested the fruits said looking down,”He is that way. Go get him.”
He stood up with his stick and moved on the hard ground. On the way, his eyes caught a huge stick on the ground, but it had leaves and branches and grew into a big climber. It swirled its thin branch and pointed to a hollow cave next to a mysterious garden. “Can’t you come with me. Please help me,” cried the old man. The stick whispered,”I can only help you and not move,” and continued telling that he can help Dolly by killing a frog in his cave as the giant’s soul is hidden inside it.
The old man, with the help of bamboo branches, carved a beautiful pouch and sprinted towards the cave.
By them, the giant stepped outside the cave in search of food as his tummy grumbled.
” Eeew, what disgusting smell,” the old man muttered to himself.
He tiptoed to the hot curvy steps till he found himself in an underground cave, strange birds and animals were behind the cages screaming and yelling to be freed.
With his stick he reached the roof of the cave, grabbed the frog and tore it open.
The giant landed with a BOOM in a far away jungle.
He grabbed a key, unlocked the cage, smeared her with Guu and placed her inside the pouch and stepped out.
As they moved, the strange creatures screamed and yelled.
“Don’t worry. I’ll free you all tomorrow,” Dolly whispered to them and moved to her hut.
After a few hours, the giant crawled and fell inside his cave. “Where is she? Where is that kid?” He roared to his parrot and landed on the ground.
The next morning, Dolly along with his grandfather, moved inside the cave and smeared themselves with mud and unlocked all the animals.
On the way back home, Dolly narrates everything to the magic stick and insists him to come back, to which it tells it can’t come because of its curse and he can’t live with a human. He explained that one day, an old sage cursed him because he didn’t give him grains and made fun of him.
As days passed Dolly and the magic stick became friends and grew up together.
One final day, when Dolly hugged the stick and kissed it, the stick transformed to a handsome prince with shining golden hair. The prince helped the old man with his work. After a few days, Dolly and the stick lived happily together in the hut with her grandfather.

🚨© 2022🚨

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Book review of A DINOSOUR CAME TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY written by author @frances.mackay_author.
This is lovely book filled with dinosaur facts. It keeps you guessing what’s next. Bright and darling illustrations. I loved the ending. Really a wonderful book written by author. Highly recommended to all dinosaur loving kids. Loved it.

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Once upon a time, on a Rock path in hot summer day a grandpa walked down the street of a woody forest clutch clacking his stick. On the way, a strange noise struck his ears, he turned back in each direction to detect what actually the cry was, and moved in the direction of the sharp whispering cry. At the far west direction, stood a huge tree with spindle leaves streching his arms widely as a giant. Many creatures rested on the enormous giant tree. Likewise, squirrels had nested on a branch. Something unusual struck grandpa’s eye. Oh! poor thing. Are you alright little fella? Grandpa questioned the squirrel 🐿️ which was whimpering near it’s borrow. Grandpa! Grandpa! My mama is sick. She is weak and not opening her eyes. Please help me Grandpa! Cried the squirrel. Don’t you worry little fella, I’ll help you. You can count on me. Grandpa replied while patting the little squirrel. After few minutes. The little squirrel accompanied Grandpa inside it’s borrow. It’s mama rested on a hay bed surrounded by her children. Dust had scattered all over the borrow and things scattered on floor.The little squirrel introduced grandpa to his other siblings. He walked in the direction of the sick squirrel, held his hand on her fur and examined her. “I’ll be back”, he said and moved in the direction of entrance of the door. After few hours, he returned. He digged his pouch and pulled out lushy green herbs and smashed it on a Rock and applied the juice on her forehead and dropped few drops in her mouth. They waited and waited! Atlas! She slowly opened her eyelids and jumped out of her bed, healthy and energetic. The squirrels ran, hugged and kissed her. Thank you so much grandpa. You are the reason we got our mom back. Thanked the squirrels. I love helping you little fella, no need to thank. Whenever you are in trouble, you can count on me, grandpa replied. Please stay with us grandpa. We will help you whenever you need us, requested the little squirrel and handed over a huge nut to him. Your home is small for me little fella but I can stay next to the tree untill your mother recovers completey. The little squirrel and grandpa brought hay and sticks and built a small Hut next to the tree. He helped the squirrels by giving them fruits and nuts. One final day, while the little squirrel was feasting on a nut under a pine tree. It hears a sharp cry from a myna bird. A huge snake had destroyed it’s nest and was munching on the eggs. The little squirrel ran to grandpa and requested him to help the myna bird. He moved in the direction of its nest and hatched a plan to teach the snake a lesson. On the next day, he said to the myna to bring round rocks and to paint it white as a egg and cover it with egg shells. The myna followed his words and waited for the snake to feast on it. After few minutes, the snake climbed on the nest and started munching on the eggs. Unable to chew, it gulped the rocks and fell with a bang on the ground. From the following day, it snake had no courage to trouble any birds. Likewise, while grandpa was on a walk, early in the morning. He watched an eagle picking up the bunnies and troubling them.A sharp string, fallen on the group struck his eyes. He picked it and covered it with thorns and placed next to rabbits hole and waited for the eagle. The eagle flew down and landed on the thorns, without knowing what was on the ground. Its wings got scratched and the thorns bruised it’s feet, ran away and fell on the ground from its nest and broke its wings. From the following day, the eagle gave up troubling others. As days passed by, grandpa and the squirrel helped other animals and saved them from trouble.

🚨© 2022 🚨

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Hai there. It’s been long since I wrote about my books. My picture book (HOW I SAVED THE ANTS!) Is out in AMAZON now but ebook has been stuck since months, and I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with AMAZON , they are not approving my book. I am continuously mailing my publisher asking about update of my book. I feel like it’s been ages. My dream about having a BOOK LAUNCH has been squashed like a mosquito and I’m still looking forward for my ebook release. I have not still given up about my BOOK LAUNCH. As soon it’s out I’ll spread the word.

In the meantime, my paperback is still available on Amazon and my printed copies are available in a lovely YOUNG BOOKWORMS BOOKSTORE in COLORADO. So if any chance you are nearby, don’t forget to visit lovely bookstore owner JONI McCOY and tell a HI! to her. Her bookstores is filled with full of amazing Indie and self published books.

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BOOK REVIEW of I LOVE YOU MORE THAN written by author @authorbethanybauerle
This Book is such a darling. Tears rolled down my cheeks while reading it. I was so touched. It literally reminded me how much my mom cares for me. It’s filled with sweet motherly love. This book is best for baby showers and on special occasions. Loved this book so much

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Book review of THERE’S AN ELEPHANT IN THE BATHROOM written by author @author.effiedavis
Author has done a good work by writing this picture book. It kept he hooked till page 1 till last and I kept turning pages curious about what’s next. This is fun and imaginative book. Filled with lots of onomatopoeia and elephant facts. It strengthens cognitive skills and imagination of kids. Boosts and builds better bonding with parents. Kids who lose elephants will definitely love this book. Highly recommended.

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DOGFISH JUST BE YOU written by author Rita Reed


This is such an amazing book. Book is packed with fun and whimsical illustrations. This book holds a Lovely message to by you. Each and every word is so powerful and meaningful. Loved the bright colourful illustration. The author’s voice in conveying the theme is very strong. Loved to read the rhyme in the phrases . Loved it over-all. Highly recommended.