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Hello friends, I am here with a new blog topic for this week.

I just love reading children’s book and exploring topics and enhancing my creativity. While I was on my journey of reading, I was delighted to come across multinational or cultural book written by extremely talented authors with thier lovely illustrations. Each book has its own unique topic of narration of the story. The beautiful illustrations a

re feast to the young eyes. Ofcourse there are many more books which i have not mentioned, I will note it in my next blog. So notably here are few which i would like to mention.


Written in its most simplistic form, here is a book that is perfect for your toddler and elderly loved one! Yes, you read correctly, “once a man twice a child” is how the saying goes. When this book was created, it had not one, but two audiences in mind. Toddlers, of course, followed by mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s around the world. Those especially suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Children learn by repetition and are great at committing many things to memory through picture books and simple wording. Picture books are also a wonderful way of allowing those coping with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to access hidden memories deep within their minds. It encourage you to read this book to your toddler but more importantly, read it to anyone who is suffering from memory loss. Let’s play our part in educating the little ones, but let us not forget our elders. Return to them that familiarity and comfort, as they somehow find themselves drifting into another world..

B) TEN HEROES by Chanel Enjoem.

Demons trying to conquer the world are destroying the balance on Earth. Sri Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the universe. He therefore comes in different guises according to the need at the time. Ten heroes, ten different guises of Vishnu, restore balance and peace to our magnificent Earth. These stories are originally from the Vedas, the oldest texts of Vedic culture. Would you like to see how Sri Vishnu comes to restore balance on earth?

This book has beautifully and bright illustration along with the depiction of 10 incarnation of lord Vishnu. The author brilliantly explains each incarnation in a simple understandable manner for kids.

It’s a must read book who want to explore different cultures and religions across the world and in search of change. The author has also translated this book in different languages.

C) JANMA LILA by Madhu Devi

The enchanting Waldorf-style children’s book Janma Lila tells the charming story of Krishna’s birth in Gokula, India. The villagers have everything they could ever want, all the riches from their land, cows, and gems. Years pass and the villagers still long for their king, Nanda Maharaj, and his wife Yashoda to have a child. The king and queen still have faith that they will have a child, the blue lotus-eyed boy they see in their hearts. Everything changes when Narayan comes to them in a dream.

This is a must read book for kids and adults too who wants to explore different cultures and traditions.

D) SHE IS MY MOM by Jyothsna

This is a chapter book written by me.

The story is a narration of,

A cute little girl named Misty, while playing in the forest, goes deep into the woods and finds out an old building. Curiosity takes her inside and she gets to know that she is the chosen one.

The story narrates the beautiful relationship with Misty and MOTHER GODDESS. With her assurance and blessings, Misty fights her fears and odds and saves her animal forest in the forest, which completely changes her life and her view on what a Goddess is.

SHE IS MY MOM teaches kids to have confidence in them and to realize thier true worth. This book encourages children to seek emotional healing through the guidance of Mother Goddess to face their fears and everyday situations.

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Amazing book for children. The author narrates the story in a cute fun way for children with lovely illustrations and narration. Loved the cute Illustrations very much. A splendid book indeed. I recommend this book for all. A perfect bedtime story filled with fun imagination for kids.

This book is a perfect bedtime story filled with whimsical scientific facts filled with fun imagination and creativity. I loved this book and I know you will too. So what are you waiting for grab a copy of it and join the journey with Max to Lasso the moon 🌝.

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How many of you have heard, either by our parents quoting or warning us TO BE PATIENT. Well I don’t know by others, but definitely my mom repeats it more frequently to have patience and not to do things in bizarre manner. I often face problems controlling my temper which leads in loss of patience. As a result, i face many health issues like heart pain, migraines, raise in heart beat to name a few. It is more difficult to organise ourselves when we are loose our cool. We after want what we saw or liked, this is where our parents repeat the word HAVE PATIENCE. My mom who is a teacher too, have a lot of patience compared to my dad and bro who are the extreme opposite, i mean hot heads.

Patience is ond of the qualities, a must have for teachers and mothers. I often wondered how on earth, parents who have more than 2 kids in home control them. I have seen in our neighborhood, mother’s yelling at their kids, punishing them, beating them. This happens when mother’s loose patience, this is NOT GOOD. Mother’s should try to control thier temper and have lots of patience while raising their kids, otherwise kids do exactly the same while they are the same age of thier parents. Parents are the role models for kids. So they should be extremely careful on what they do or how they behave. When it comes to teachers, it’s not easy to control a huge class of 30 kids in a room. Each kid have different behaviour and attitude. They are always running around and hard to control. This is because they are hyper active at their age and they need to utilise the energy which is collected in thier body. Teachers should be skilled and experienced in handling young kids. I have observed this and faced this while working in preschool. In India there is a saying, the fruit of patience is sweet as sugar. This means what we get soon gets destroyed and after waiting a lot, the things we get is most valuable and gives us joy.

To practice patience as an adult, here are a few steps noted below.

1) When you loose patience, take a deep breath and count backword for 100 to 0.

2) Practice meditation. Do yoga everyday.

3) Listen to your parents or friends, when they warn you that you are loosing control.

4) Take a break. Don’t stress out.

5) For kids, be a role model to them.

6) Read books and narrate stories for kids.

7) As a parent always remind your kids they can have things later and can wait. You can gift it later as a reward or as a Christmas gift or for a birthday.

8) Acknowledge them and tell them they have done a good job and reward thier efforts.

9) If you are a teacher. Drink little sips of water and cool yourself. Alot the kids in groups and keep them busy by leaving them to play a fun indoor games and puzzles. Play rhymes and music.

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In our childhood, we all were fascinated by ants. I often wondered, with a tiny stomach, How will they eat? How will they breathe? and I had lots of curiosity about them. Each time I saw them, questions buzzed in my head and I used to wonder and question my mom about it.

In my photographs which were taken when I was very small, I have observed, the Little me crawling and chasing ants. I used to pick them and used to stare for hours with a big question mark in my head.

This is when the concept of a new book idea flashed my head. In my upcoming book, titled HOW I SAVED THE ANTS. Its a story of a boy getting powers from ant queen and his journey of saving lives. So stay tuned, I Will be publishing it soon.

With this, I am here to discuss with you all some ants facts which you all are unaware.

  1. There are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world. An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight. If a second grader was as strong as an ant, she would be able to pick up a car! Some queen ants can live for many years and have millions of babies!
  2. Ants don’t have ears. Ants “hear” by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet. When ants fight, it is usually to the death!
  3. When foraging, ants leave a pheromone trail so that they know where they’ve been. Queen ants have wings, which they shed when they start a new nest.
  4. Ants don’t have lungs. Oxygen enters through tiny holes all over the body and carbon dioxide leaves through the same holes. When the queen of the colony dies, the colony can only survive a few months. Queens are rarely replaced and the workers are not able to reproduce.
  5. Although ants are frustrating when they get into your home or when you’re having a picnic, ants do help the environment.

1. Here is a list of some of the different types of ants in alphabetical order: Argentine ant Black garden ant Black house ant Bullet ant Carebara diversa ant Carpenter ant Electric ant Longhorn crazy ant Meat ant Red harvester ant Red wood ant Southern fire ant Tapinoma ant Yellow meadow ant 2.The queen ant is the leader and founder of the colony. Her role in the ant colony is to lay as many eggs as she can to populate her colony. All the worker ants are females and they are responsible for different tasks inside the ant colony. Some of the tasks the worker ants are responsible for are caring for the baby ants, getting food, and taking care of the queen ants. Drone ants are males and die shortly after mating with the queen ants.

3. Ants are very strong! Ants can carry up to 20 times their body weight or more depending on the species of ant. 4. Did you know that ants have two stomachs? One stomach is for their food needs and the other stomach is for feeding other ants like the queen ant. The queen is like royalty and she must be taken care of! 5. Some ants can live up to 30 years depending on the type of ant. A Lasius niger queen ant has the longest recorded life span of any insect. She lived almost 29 years in captivity. 6. The Dinoponera is one of the largest ants in the world. They can grow one (1) to three (3) inches long. The Carebara munuta is one of the smallest ants in the world. They can grow to around 1 millimeter (mm) long. That is very tiny! 7. There are many rooms and passages in an ant colony. Some of the rooms are used for nurseries, the queen ant, food storage and rooms for the worker ants. 8. Did you know that ants do not have ears? They are capable of hearing by being able to sense vibrations. Following are Some Interesting Facts About Ants Ants Possess Superhuman Strength Ants can carry 10 to 50 times of their body weight depending on the species. They are strong little devils! how’s that for a fact? Ants Don’t Have Lungs You read it right! Due to their small size, they have small holes on the side of their bodies called spiracles distributing oxygen throughout the body. Ants Don’t Have Ears Unlike other pests’ ants do not have ears. They use vibrations to hear when foraging for food or as a signal. ‘A’ Lot of Ants in the World ‘A’ lot ‘is an understatement, approximately for 1 man, there are 1 million ants in the world. Some Ants are Asexual Research has shown that some Amazonian ants reproduce by cloning. The queen ant copies herself genetically producing daughters. Because of it, colonies are without any males. Ants Have Two Stomachs This is one of the incredible facts about ants. They use one stomach for their food and the other stomach for sharing the food with other ants. Ants are Farmers Your reaction might be “what?!” but yeah, just like we raise dogs, cows, sheep, etc. Ants also raise other insects. One of which is aphids. They protect them from predators, give them shelter to get a regular supply of honeydew. Ants can Swim Ants are survivors, they can swim in the water. Because they use their style of the doggy paddle, they can float for a long period of time. Ants are Slave-Makers Some species like Polyergus lucidus invade the nearby colonies. They take ants and force them to work as slaves. Ants are as Old as Dinosaurs Harvard and Florida state university’s study shows that ants exist for the last million years. Ants are Fighters When ants fight, they fight hard. They fight till one of them is dead. Queen is the Source Queen is the root of the colony. If the queen of the colony dies, the group survives only for few months. Because of that members are not able to reproduce and the queen is seldom replaced. £3 Billion Worth of Damage is done by Fire Ants each year! Red imported fire ant is a tiny critter, which gives a burning sensation if bite. So, they are famous as “fire ants”. They also cause damage to farmer’s crops. Bullet ant has the most painful sting in the world! It lives in humid areas and its sting is compared to being hit by a bullet. Ouch! Ant is the Longest living Insect One of the species of ant, the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei can live up to 30 years. The Colonies of Ants can Spread up to Miles In the year 2000, a giant super colony made of 33 species of ants was discovered in Argentina. The colony was spread over whopping 3700 miles. Ants have Specific Jobs Ants are very civilized insects. They divide the chores among them so all have some specific tasks to do. The queen lays eggs and all the other females feed the larvae, some take out the colony’s trash or protect the nest. Ants can become Zombies Well, this might be one of the strangest facts about ants but a species of fungus depletes them from inside and separates the ant from the colony. The ant then bits a leaf (death grip) and dies. Lazy Things! Study shows that 20% of ants do absolutely nothing in a colony. Eggs Queen ant’s saliva helps eggs to survive. Yum! CONCLUSION Something humans should also learn from ants. They may be small but ants have extraordinary qualities. Ants are sublime creatures. We hope the above information has helped you to understand the facts about ants.

To know more about ants.

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Updated: Mar 21

As a children’s book author, what i love is to discover more books from others who have also similar taste as me. I love to fill my eyes with thier beautiful illustrations and thier creativity. As it also enhances my thought process and creativity. I can understand what I am lacking and develop my skills to become a better author. This is when, I started reviewing children books of various authors, who i know.

untitled image

Extra special heart is a book written and illustrated by Carli Valentine. It narrates a story of a boy, who has CHD and who loves to enjoy his life to his fullness with a beautiful big heart. The book has simple ways to make children and adults understand about this heart defect and to appreciate people, especially children with this defect, instead of leaving them alone. What I love is, it has cute Illustrations and the story is very much appealing. A must buy book for those who have kids with CHD.

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MAYA’S BIG FEELINGS is a beautiful boy which is written by Boyana Atwood and illustrated by Anastasiya Provozina.

This book is so cute. Author has narrated the story is such an amazing way through rhymes and colourful cute Illustrations, expressing each emotions of child in joyful and fun way, so that it’s easy for kids to understand and read. I really loved it. It also helps parents to understand thier kids in a better way.

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This is beautiful illustrated book written by Jacqueline Theodosi and illustrated by Abbie Barbara. This book highly informative and educational. It has lovely illustrations with dinosour facts along with comparisons, which makes kids to easy to understand which is written in the book. A must boy for kids who love dinosours.

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Frog and His Pearl: A Christian Children’s Book About Frog’s Adventurous Journey and about Your Value in Jesus’ Eyes written by Boyana Atwood and Shawn Atwood. This book has eye catching cute Illustrations and also is a fun, engaging and encouraging story that helps children to understand how precious they are to Jesus. The author has narrated in an beautiful way that every child is valuable to God and he always loves us. A highly recommended book for kids.
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ME AND MY KAZOO AT THE ZOO written by Jonathan Marshall and illustrated by Derry Maulana.This is an adorable book that really allowed the reader to have fun and use their imagination!. It also filled with creativeness of animals playing musical instruments with cute and appealing illustrations. It also pushes kids to think outside the box and to be creative. A must buy book for all.

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The Adventures of Little Nenia – Easter traditions with Nenia: A sweet story about Easter for kids ages 4 – 8

This is a beautiful book written by Maria Piórkawska Urbaniak.

I personally learnt many things from this book about Palm Sunday and Easter. The author has narrated the information in this book in a simple, understandable manner trough beautiful illustrations and also explained very well the Easter traditions from different parts of the world. A must buy book for kids. Highly recommended for kids who have lots of unanswered questions buzzing in thier mind.

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ITSY BITSY BEA AND HER BONNE FEE is a cute story written by Alisha drew, this is cute book with beautiful illustrations where author narrates the story of a bee, who wished to be big and her wish gets granted. A must have book for all.

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BIG PLANS FOR TOMORROW is another must have book written by author Carli Valentine.

This is really a good bedtime read where the little boy is excited about what he will do tomorrow – going to zoo, ice cream shop, space travel, going to deep ocean, etc. This will definitely help kids to imagine and look for a fun- filled better tomorrow. And yes help them in sleep too. A must buy book for kids.

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TEN HEROES written and illustrated by Chanel Enjoem. The author has beautifully narrated and depicted the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This is one book, which you must not miss for those who loves to learn and discover about other religions.

This is a beautifully rich book with stunning illustrations that beautifully weaves ancient storytelling with calls for action for today’s world. As an Indian who grew up India, it is such a refreshing way to learn about my heritage culture and pass on the important messages to our children. The questions at the end of each chapter promote thought provoking self reflection. Highly recommend!

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Hey friends, JYOTHSNA here. I am here with a new topic. I recently stumbled on a post about how to explain the Ukrainian crisis to kids, as they are full of curiosity and anxiety, I will be pasting the post here and the link too. So all the credits goes to the owner of the post who had posted in one of the Children’s book illustration group.

So here it goes.

Not mine, I stole this from another childminder: Explanation of what is going on in Ukraine 🇺🇦 in simple playground talk. No offence or bias is intended. Great explanation for kids (and adults!) who are anxious about everything going on 🇺🇦 After the last BIG playground fight (WW2), lots of popular kids (WORLD LEADERS) got together and made a big gang (NATO), and all the kids in the gang made a pinky promise (TREATY) to be nice and respectful and not fight each other anymore. This means not going into each other’s part of the playground (COUNTRY) without permission, and not throwing sticks or stones (HEAVY ARTILLERY) at each other, and the UK is part of the gang. But then a new kid (UKRAINE) joined the playground, and a big bad bully (RUSSIA) started picking on the new kid, all because he is greedy and bossy and wanted the new kids playground space for himself, even though he has one of the biggest spaces in the playground. But sadly, the new kid is not part of the gang because the big bad bully didn’t want the new kid to join the gang. We would be breaking our pinky promise if any of the gang members help the new kid fight the bully. We have all told the bully off, and stuck up for the new kid by hiding the bully’s pocket money until the bully stops hurting the new kid (SANCTIONS) and this will hopefully stop the bully from buying more sticks and stones. We have also given the new kid lots of our own sticks and stones to fight the bully, because this is not breaking the pinky promise! Even though it is really, really sad, all we can do now is stand on the edge of the playground and watch and give moral support to the new kid, because we are not allowed to fight the bully for them, not without breaking the pinky promise. BUT… if the bully breaks the pinky promise and comes into our part of the playground (UK) without permission and throws a stick or stone at us, then the whole of the gang (NATO) will come and help us, and we will ALL jump on top of the bully (RUSSIA) and beat him up. 🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺

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Hello everyone, Jyothsna here. I am here to discuss a new topic today. It’s all about how parents and teachers can foster the reading habbit in children.

As we all know, world had undergone pandemic crisis and as a result schools were shut. Still till today, PRE SCHOOLS are shut in India, because children are prone to virus and it’s fatal to them.

So these are the steps what parents and teachers can do to develop the reading skills.

1) TEACHING TO READ : Some don’t agree with this, but this not true. When kids are exposed to literacy in younger age it develops thier cognitive function. Parents should start to read to kids at younger age. One best example I can give in INDIAN context in the time of MAHABHARATA, ABHIMANYU LEARNED THE ART OF WARFARE WHEN HE WAS IN HIS MOTHER’S WOMB. After his dad used to come from war, he used to narate to his wife, and Abimanyu used to listen to him from her womb.

2) TEACHING TO READ IS NOT DIFFICULT: When parents can teach kids and train them with thier potty, not to dig nose, good habits. It’s not as difficult it sounds to teach kids about literarcy. Everything should be done in a positive manner but not by yelling and punishing.

3)TALK TO THEM A LOT : Parents should talk to kids when they are born, it may sound nuts buts it’s true even if they cant interact and response, they still listen and enjoy.

4) READ TO THEM: Reading to them improves thier language skills and mental skills. If parents can’t read they can use audiobooks too. They can visit thier local library and dig out books which is age appropriate. Reading a book or story advances thier literacy skills.

5)HAVE THEM TELL A STORY: Let them create a small story and tell out to thier parents. It can be of thier siblings or pets or anything. It helps them in literarcy skills, by this they are exposed to new words and advances thier reading skills.

6)TEACH PHONEMIC AWARENESS : Parents and teachers should train the kids about the pronounciation of words. For example dog : “duh”-“aw”-“guh”. Let them play games with it and make them hear the words correctly.

7)TEACH PHONETIC: We can’t sount out words or write them without knowing them. Most of the kindergartens teach kids about phonetic, parents can also do the same. Visit your local library or bookshop and dig out books which are familiar to the topic and read it out and let them read it.

8) LISTEN TO THEM: Schools should allow kids to borrow books to home and read it. They should read in school and also parents should allow thier kids to read, even if it sonds choppy reading or read with mistakes, let them reread, this is how they inculcate the habbit of reading.

9) MAKE THEM WRITE: Schools and patents should allow kids to write. Surround them with creative stuff like books, colours, magazine, crayons etc. Encourage them to write short letters or note to you. It really helps.

10)ASK QUESTIONS : When they read a story book, ask them to retell it to you, ask them information about the story or certain word, ask them questions related to the story. Reading doesn’t only help in sounding words but also it sharpens the memory.

11)MAKE IT A REGULAR ACTIVITY : Parents and teachers should tell stories and read out to them daily. One of the best example is parents telling out stories during thier bedtime. Both, teachers and parents should make kids to read stories with the help of picture books or chapter books which is age appropriate. Like this advances thier reading and listening skills and also increase thier over growth.

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Firstly I would like to say I love kids and adore them a lot. I have noticed wherever I go kids get attracted and attached to me, I really don’t know what the reason is, I think as people nearby and those who know me personally always mentioned that I’m a kid in a grown up body and my mind and heart is same as kids. As the saying goes “Birds of same feather flock together”. This is the main reason which I sometimes agree and noticed whenever kids were around me. Due to this i gave up working in hotels and began studying EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND MONTESSORI TRAINING, and along with that I persued my an another course in the same field PG DIPLOMA IN LEARNING DISABILITIES AND EARLY INTERVENTION STRATEGIES, in this course I studied how to teach GIFTED CHILDREN OR SPECIAL CHILDREN. As I finished my training I began searching for preschool to teach children. Finally I got selected in a preschool nearby and started teaching kids. Here also I noticed kids rushed towards me and surrounded me. They loved being around me, which I loved. I always consider KIDS ARE GIFT OF GOD. I loved to teach them and interact them. I thought for a year in the same pre school. Second i always adored the same way my mom, who also worked as a teacher. I noticed kids used to crowd near her and request her to narrate stories wherever she went. When we visited our village, children nearby sat near my mom and used to hear her stories, this went on for years. Not only in my village, even the children in our neighbourhood used to request to narrate stories for them at night. This inspired me to work in a preschool and write a book for children, which i always dreamt of. My mom always used to recite stories to me at bedtime and now also. Most of the stories are of her own, which i loved. She always insisted me to write books and still encourages me to author more books. Authoring a book is my dream come true and it has changed my life and helped me to come out of my cocoon. After a year working in preschool, the world was hit by a deadly virus as you all know called COVID-19. Due to this, India was on lockdown and education sector was badly hit by economic shutdown. Most of schools are still shut till date, as the world has not recovered from it. As kids of younger age are prone to the virus, the preschools have completely closed down till date. This made me open a YouTube channel for them where I can entertain them in a creative way and they also can benefit from it. I will start posting videos from this month. I hope they will love it. I began to write stories in my young age, at the time when I was kid and began learning to write by picking up a pencil. I used to narrate stories in my school and college, those around me always insisted me to narrate more of it. This as a factor, motivated me to author my book further. In the year 2019, at the time when the world was in complete lockdown, I thought to myself how to make my free time productive and not to waste time. It was then authoring my own book flashed my mind. I began searching a lot about outlining stories and the process of publishing and started putting my ideas into a empty page and flushing everything what I knew about the story. I began my first draft in 2019 and ended it on 2021 after editing it a lot. Finally it got published by BLUEHILL PUBLICATIONS in October.

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Research shows, when kids are exposed to gadgets at early age are prone to many mental and physical problems. As a country advances, the more gadgets gets invented. Kids use various gadgets like xbox, mobile phones, TV, Video games, iphones for various reasons such as playing games, listening to music, chatting, watching movie, surfing the internet etc. The more time they spent in front of screen, the more they are effected. Health problems like headache, posture problem, week eyesight, mytopia increases.

In the current situation, if i talk about in the time of covid 19, where most of the schools are shut and classes are held online, children spend more time in front of screen irrespective of weather they pay attention of class or not, problems such as children complaining of Migrane pain and head ache and low sight has come to light. Children often have water flowing from thier eyes and most of them wearing reading glasses at early age are seen.

Firstly, let me explain the pros and cons of it.

There are advantages and disadvantage of children getting exposed to gadgets at an early year. Some of them are as follows :


1) SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DELAY : Speech refers to verbal or non verbal communication and language is the whole process. The more children interact with others, the more they develop. But it’s not true while they sit in front of gadgets, a child with language delay finds difficult in connecting and pronouncing more than two words at a time and incase of speech delay, the kid might be able to express words but finds difficulty in understanding more phrases.

The only way to curb this issue is to let them to interact with other kids. The more time they spent on screen, the more difficulty they face.

2) ATTENTION DEFICIT : ADHD: Rather called Hyperactivity disorder. It is a mental disorder where kids with ADHD face problems in thier behaviour and paying attention. They display inappropriate behaviour such as restlessness, unable to focus, gets easily distracted etc. This may take place in either in school or at home.

3) LEARNING PROBLEMS : When children learn lot of things at younger age, learning takes faster.They should communicate with thier parents instead of gadgets. The more they communicate, the lesser they face problems. Many kids learn topics which are not appropriate to thier age, parents must see and monitor, if it’s appropriate or not.

4) ANXIETY: As I mentioned above, when kids learn inappropriate topics which are not appropriate for thier age such as current events, the more anxiety they face when they are exposed to future events. They face problems thinking more and more about the future, which results in physics symptoms. Gadgets doesn’t help to curb this issue whereas patents can. The more they interact with them, the lesser anxiety they face. Anxiety also cause mental and behavioral problems. Kids feel shy or tense when they are exposed to people and face safer in front of gadgets.

5) DEPRESSION: This is common and severe issue which causes behavioural and mental problems. The more the number of gadgets are introduced, the more behavioural and health problems they face, which effects the adolescence of the kids too.

6) NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CHARACTER : The more inappropriate content they watch in internet which are not appropriate to thier age, the more it effects thier character.

Technology also has certain advantages to kids such as,

1) IMPROVED COGNITIVE SKILLS: It is where, when children are exposed to puzzles, listening songs, drawing etc from the gadgets, the more it will sharpen thier memory and language skills. The more they use it leads in faster growth of cognitive function in kids.

2) BETTER MOTOR SKILLS: When kids hear music from the gadgets and learn to dance, it gives growth in muscles and improve thier motor skills. It can be explained in the same manner while exercising too. Another example is when they type in keypads or when they play video games, it improves thier smaller muscles like tongue, fingers,lips etc.

3)MORE FUN FOR KIDS: Kids love solving puzzles on gadgets and it also helps them to understand cause and effect process.

4) EDUCATING YOUNG ONES: Gadgets helps young ones to educate them from internet and many websites. When they are exposed to many topics it sharpens thier brain and educated. There are many visual presentation, educational videos, audiobooks which helps them to learn.

5) COMPETITION SKILLS: While playing video games, kids learn to survive in a competitive environment.

Parents should set up a certain screening time for kids and allow them to interact and play games outside to protect the kids from the issues faced by gadgets.

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This is Jyothsna, with an new topic this week.

I would like to state my opinion, with the trouble I faced recently, by the following words.

Reviews are to authors what drugs are to addicts. No author in today’s competitive world can survive for long without the help of reviews.

I read this in one website. It’s right, I know what’s the value of a review to a seller or author. By Amazon is crazy, I have lost many REVIEWS which are verified just because of its stupid policies. Even being a multi billionaire company, I don’t really get it why it treats us like this. Many of who purchased my book complained to me it’s not allowing them to review, even if they paid for it. It’s one of the policy states, unless you purchase something worth 50$ in 12 months it won’t let you review. This is really sick, I lost 10 reviews because of this. Lastly it banned me for no reason telling I have violated thier policy, which is not true. All the reviews which I have reviewed are verified purchase and I don’t post unverified purchases. I really don’t get it on what circumstances they create such nonsense policies. I clearly went through all thier policies and i am clean.

This is what I read when I went to review a book in Amazon.

We apologize but Amazon has noticed some unusual reviewing activity on this account. As a result, all reviews submitted by this account have been removed and this account will no longer be able to contribute reviews and other content on Amazon. If you would like to learn more, please see our community guidelines. To contact us about this decision, please email

Not only one review, it had deleted all the reviews which I had posted till date. This is really disgusting. I am really sick of it. I don’t know why they are targeting us for no reason even if we are innocent. Due all this, it makes me not to trust I had on Amazon and third party apps.

I feel selling offline is better than trough apps. Thier royalties are also very less compared when you sell offline, atleast we get full amount. All our hard work is wasted. They scheme in us and eat our money. Is this for us what we publish books? I really don’t get it. We spend years writing a book and get paid less and irritate us because of thier idiotic policy.